My exploration begins through graphic design and illustration. In parallel, through Yoga, Butoh dance and Contact Improvisation dance, I have found a complementary way to access the creative process. Discovering in the body and movement a wide path of knowledge.

In my drawings and paintings I use fine lines that in repetition create complex patterns, a kaleidoscopic world full of small connected stories. My artworks have been exhibited in Mexico, France, Italy, the Netherlands, USA and Spain.

I studied Communication in Mexico and after working in different organizations in the social field, I came to Barcelona in 2010 to study the Master in Art Therapy at Pompeu Fabra University. In 2013 I have created the project YES WE ART, offering art workshops and art therapy sessions for children and adults.

In 2019, together with 5 other women artists from, I have found an art collective called Space For Art.  
I´m the mother of Leo (5 years) and Alex (2 years).