• La maraña

    Video letters La maraña, is an experimental format of communication between filmmaker Paola Villanueva and visual artist Beatriz Chamussy. Two women who, despite being geographically distant, are united by the desire to share ideas and reflections about their journey as mothers and artists. 

    The project was documented in an instagram account, in which the letters and videos are displayed, allowing to share with other women artists.

    Letters and videos were exhibited as part of an art exhibition at Space For Art (Barcelona) in 2023

  • Co-Existence

    Our time is pinpointed by connectedness and dependencies. We are heading towards a Co-Era. The exponential growth of technological possibilities and the need for sustainable solutions for human wellbeing are essential drivers for change.

    Art exhibition and residency organized by In4art
    Amsterdam, 2017

  • My body is my home

    Video dance and installation exploring the relationship between body and the spaces in which I have inhabited.

    I have lived in 21 houses. I have done 20 moves. Once I realized that this trend of not having a fixed address would be part of my identity, I began to collect envelopes of received correspondence.

    The question I ask myself is what is the memory that my body has from each of the houses where I have lived? Have the spatial dimensions of these houses remained registered in my body?

    Exhibition at Space For Art (Barcelona) in 2022